Dawson Push-Pull Silent Piler

For push and pull of sheet piles

For mounting on a Piling Rig of sufficient size

Quiet, vibration-less installation and removal of steel sheet and foundation piles

With 2, 3 or 4 cylinders

Up to 200 tonnes push and pull per cylinder

High productivity due to fast installation and extraction rates

Can install continuous sheet pile walls, corner piles and sheet piles in boxes as foundation piles

Push-Pull with Three Pistons

Push-Pull Silent Piler. Tryk/Træk Spuns

Push-Pull Unit

A unit consists of a number of modular hydraulic cylinder sub-assemblies. Each module consists of powerful double-acting, double ended hydraulic push-pull cylinders with a clamp assembly mounted on the bottom of the lower piston rod. An adjustable guidance system is surrounding the upper piston rod.The modules are bolted to a support frame. Each module can push with 200 tonnes.

The unit can be configured with 2, 3 or 4 sub-assemblies.

The light blue plates in the sketch shown are support frames, the light grey cylinders the modular hydraulic cylinder assemblies (four shown) and the brown areas packing fabrications to accurately position modules to suit pile centres.

The Piling Rig

Should be able to impart between 20 and 50 tonnes of down-crowd or extraction force to the Push-Pull Unit over the entire pile installation length. Besides, it should be capable of handling the combined weight of the Push-Pull unit and relevant sheet piles.

Push-Pull System Set-up


Advantage by Leader Articulation

The leader of the piling rig should have the ability to articulate or pivot in plain view.

This feature results in two significant operational benefits:

  • The operator can position the leader for good visibility with minimum track movement.
  • With 2-Cylinders the Push-Pull Unit can accomodate numerous pile profiles simply by lead articulating and adjusting the rotationel setting of the individual cylinder assemblies.

The examples in the sketches show the same 2-Cylinder Push-Pull unit working with Arcelor AZ18 and PU32 sheet piles. The centres of the two Modular Hydraulic Cylinder Sub-Assemblies remains the same, but the Adjustable Guidance System is altered to correctly align the Clamp Assemblies with the clamping faces of each pile.


Two-cylinder Push-Pull


Main Advantages by the Push-PullSystem


  • Vibration-less and quiet.
  • Fast installation and extraction due to the high push-pull force up to 200 tonnes.
  • Ready configured to suit Z, U and H-pile profiles in groups of between 2 to 6.
  • No reaction frame required to start pile installation – unlike conventional pile press.
  • Corner piles easily installed without reaction frame.
  • Standard Z-piles can be installed close to property boundaries.
  • Leader guided operation reduces interlock friction and produces accurate installations.
  • Piles can be threaded without the use of a crane.
  • Piles can be removed to leave the area to the original condition.
  • The Push-Pull can be configured to install high capacity foundation piles formed by interlocking 4, 5 and 6 sheet piles in a box.

Box Profile Installation


Three Modules

Dawson Silent Piler-Sheet Pile Press-PushPull-Nortrade

Four Modules

Dawson Silent Piler-Sheet Press-Spunspresser-Fundering

Four Modules

Dawson Silent Piler-Spunspresse-Pælemaskine

PushPull Silent Piler on AZ42 Sheet Piles - Freely Suspended from Crane

Silent Piler Installing Box profile

Silent Piler Installing Four Sheet Piles

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