Standard Auger Cleaner

Hydraulic Auger Cleaner for removal of spoil by CFA, Continuous Flight Auger Operation. Auger Cleaners eliminate the risk of personal injury from falling spoil and instability of the rig. And it reduces machine stops and eliminate manual removal of the spoil with a shovel.

Hydraulic Auger Cleaner

Effective removal of accumulated spoil by Continuous Flight Auger Operation (CFA)

Eliminates the hazard from falling spoil and reduces workload

Avoid unnecessary stops

Hazard from Spoil

Spoil from continuous fligt augers (CFA) should be removed to prevent rig instability and injury to personnel.

This is increasingly important for large diameter augers, particularly with heavy soils

Auger Cleaners Reduce Hazard

Auger cleaners provide a fast means of cleaning all soil types during CFA-operation

Undesirable Situation

Failure to clean up accumulated soil during CFA drilling entails a risk of personal injury from falling soil.

Standard Auger Cleaner

The cleaner consists of a Hydraulic Drive Motor and a Reduction Gear Box driving a large diameter bearing to which is mounted a shell. The shell suits the auger diameter being used, and can easily be changed. The auger flight passes through the shell. As the auger is being withdrawn duing concrete injection, the cleaner shell rotates down the auger flight, removing the spoil by means of a mounted helical blade.

A free wheel valve enables the auger cleaner to be activated briefly during drilling to back the cleaner up the flight.

Each Auger Cleaner is of a standard pattern, but engineered to suit individual drilling rigs and augers. By using alternative shells the auger cleaners can be adapted to a variety of different auger diameters and pitches.

Swing Door Auger Cleaner

Apart from the Standard Auger Cleaner, Dawson offers a newer Swing Door type.

It functions fundamentally like the standard version, but the cleaning takes place by two rollers in combination with a slot in the shut door – not by a helical blade. Please, refer to the red picture showing the cleaner with open door.

The swing door cleaner gives advantages from the standard cleaner version.

Advantages by Swing Door Model

  • No need to remove end drill head as an open door allows the head to pass through.
  • The unit can be used as an auger guide with open door.
  • Better cleaning ability with easy access to roller assemblies (blue ones in the picture).
  • Top and bottom roller assemblies keep the gate clear of flight joins.

Auger Cleaner Model Range

Eight different models covering each their range of auger diameters are available – from 300 mm to 2000 mm.

Video: Swing-Door Auger Cleaner

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