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Bored Piles – Installation of rebar cages in wet concrete

Here is the system many contractors have been waiting for


Driving a rebar cage into a pre-drilled hole with wet concrete has so far been toublesome – and often with risk for the crew.

To overcome the disadvantages and shortcomings Dawson have designed a new unique system, that makes use of a special spreader beam and a hydraulic pile vibrator with patented clamps

The Dawson Rebar Cage Driving System Method

  • The rebar cage is safely brought into position over the drilled hole with wet concrete (the pile) by means of a crane suspended spreader beam with slings in the ends,
  • The cage sinks by itself to refusal depth in the wet concrete due to its own weight – often halfway down.
  • A Dawson hydraulic pile vibrator with a patented, unique self-adjusting clamp system is mounted to the spreader beam. it is lowered over the rebar cage and the clamp system clamped to it.
  • The cage is driven further into the wet concrete pile with the vibratory hammer.


The vibratory hammer allows a smooth and rapid driving of the cage and aids to an effective settlement of the wet concrete mix.


The principle is shown in the video below.

The product is under extensive tests. More details will be presented when finalized.

Cage Vibro during test

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