Dawson Pile Extractor

The pile extractor is a vibration free hydraulic extraction device

It is suitable for extracting a wide range of pile types from a variety of ground types

Pile Extraction

It is increasingly considered unacceptable to leave piles in the ground

The most common method of pile extraction is to utilize a hydraulic pile vibrator hanging from a crane. The method is usually effective, but the forces at the pile top can break off parts of the pile top or lose grip. This can lead to grave accidents.

Further, the method normally requires the use of a large crane in areas with limited access and low headroom.

The Dawson Pile Extractor is an alternative without these problems.

Pile Extractor


  • 400 to 1000  tonnes extraction force
  • Extraction Rate 3 m/min


  • Quiet and vibration free system
  • Uses the ground as reaction
  • Extracts H-piles,from 305 x 305 to 1016 x 455 x 488 kg/m
  • Extracts a wide range of U- and Z-sheet piles
  • Can with modification extract tubular piles.

Sheet Pile Extraction


Preparing for Extraction


Extracting Sheet Pile


2 x 1000 tonnes Extraction

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