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Lifting Equipment – Lifting Gear for safe lifting of Piles and Pipes


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Dawson Construction Plant

Lifting Gear - Safe Lifting

Dawson Løftekløer til mange formål. Fjernudløste Løftekløer mindsker risiko for personskade ved løft. For den ansvarsbevidste entreprenør

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Ratchet Release Shackles

Ratchet Release Shackle - reduces the risk by lift, as the ratchet system enables the shackle to be remotely released from the often heavy and unmanageable steel structures. Attach ropes of sufficient length to the ends of the tooth belt to secure safe distance.

Pile Drivers - Piling Hammers

Hydraulic Hammer-Piling Hammer-Nortrade

Sheet Pile Clamps

Løftegrej Fundering-Kædespærre-Kæde- Clamp

Quick Release Shackles

Løfteklo-Quick Release Løfteklo-Nortrade

Sheet Pile Interlocking

Spunssamler-Sheet Pile Threader

Ratchet Beam Shackles


Auger Cleaners

Sheet Pile Capping System


Cage Installation System

Vibro for Armeringsbur-Nortrade

Auger Drives - Bore Motors


Steel Handling Shoes

Spunsklo-Steel Handling Shoe-Løftegej-Løfteklo

Duo Capping System


Pipe Lifting Shoes


Hydraulic 100 t Shackle


Push-Pull Silent Piler


Drill Motor 11tm


Vibratory Hammers

Hydraulisk Vibrator-Pælevibrator

Pile Extractor