Sheet Pile Threader


Dawson Sheet Pile Threader – a universal tool

Use a Sheet Pile Threader for safe and rapid sheet pile interlocking – locks the sheet piles together


Replaces the “Top man” or “Pile Monkey” who normally carries out the interlocking by hand.

Greatly reduces the risk by interlocking piles in severe weather conditions.

Saves time, money and lives.

The Universal Sheet Pile Threader can be used for most sheet piles.

Sheet Pile Threader


A True Universal Threader

The Sheet Pile Threader can be used for threading most sheet piles even if they may vary in several ways. The interlocks of Z-piles are usually different at each end and the leading can be left or right hand. Besides, the sheet piles may be outside of manufacturing tolerance.

The Universal Sheet Pile Threader can accomodate all these variations with a simple adjustment of the roller positions. This adjustment is accommplished on site by offering the Sheet Pile Threader up to a pile and adjusting the rollers.


The sheet pile threader eliminates the dangerous manual operation performed by a Top Man climbing to the top of the piles for interlocking the piles. Interlocking with the Pile Threader is faster than any other safe method of working.

The Sheet Pile Threader makes it possible to maintain piling work under severe weather conditions as interlocking can take place even under high wind pressure on the sheet piles.



Sheet Pile Threader on Sheet Pile

Spunssamler-Sheet Pile Threader

Main Parts

The Universal Sheet Pile Threader consists of two parts:

  • the lower section and
  • the upper section.

The lower section has a fixed arm with rollers and a swing arm with rollers. When placed around the last pile installed in the panel, the section can be clamped around the pile by tightening a swing arm clamp bolt. The lower section contains a socket in which a spigot in the upper section fits.

The upper section contains a sliding, spring loaded vise block for mounting the pile to be interlocked. The vice block can be cocked into a loaded position. The upper section contains a spigot that fits into the socket in the lower part.


When the Sheet Pile Threader has been offered up to a sheet pile and the roller adjusted, the threading operation can begin.

  • The lower section of the threader is taken to the last pile in the panel.
  • The arms are put into position and locked via the swing arm clamp bolt.
  • The spigot of the upper section is lowered into the socket of the lower section.
  • The vice block of the upper section is cocked (loaded).
  • The sheet pile to be installed is clamped into the vice block.


Operation (cont’d)

  • The crane lifts the pile to be threaded until its bottom edge is just above the previous pile in the panel. The spring pressure on the vice block forces the pile across to its engagement position.
  • As the pile is lowered, it interlocks.
  • The threader is released at top frame level ready for next pile.


Note: When threading single piles, the next pile will be an opposite hand. To accomodate this, the lower section can be rotated through 180 degrees on the previous threaded pile and the upper section attached as usual.


Threader during Mounting


Threader during Threading


Threader in Function


The Universal Sheet Pile Threader is delivered in a practical aluminum box.

Threader in Aluminum Box

Video: Dawson Universal Sheet Pile Threader - The Principle

Video: Dawson Univeersal Sheet Pile Threader- on a Job

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