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Sheet Pile Clamps – Sheet Pile Claws

– handy lifting tools for quick and safe lifting and pitching sheet piles


Effective and time saving gear for Contractors

Practical alternative to heavy lifting shackles


All Dawson vibratory hammers are delivered with Sheet Pile Camp

Sheet Pile Clamp

Sheet Pile Clamps are light and handy lifting claws – lifting clamps – for safe lifting and stabbing of sheet piles. They are very useful when driving sheet piles with hydraulic vibratory hammers – Piling Vibrators. Sheet Pile Clamps are convenient and effective alternatives to heavy lifting clamps.

Model Range from 2 to 8 tons

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Lifting Clamps – Lifting Claws – for many applications. Remote Released Clamps minimize the risk of personal injury. The safe choice for Foundation Contractors

Sheet Pile Clamp with Safety Latch

Kædeklemme-Løfteudstyr-Løftegrej -Løftegrej spuns

Chain Clamp System in Use



The clamp system consists of a locking clamp and a chain with a piece of wire mounted to the one end. The free end of the chain is mounted to a wire in a hoisting system – e.g. on a piling machine or directly to a vibratory hammer. The clamp body indexes along the links of the chain and locks into place giving a quick and stable chain lock for lifting.

Safety Latch

The Sheet Pile Clamps are available with or without a safety latch – please note the yellow part in the picture. The safety latch contributes to extra safety.




To lift a sheet pile, thread the wire and – of safety reasons – at least 6 chains links through the hole in the sheet pile, and then through the opening in the locking clamp, while the spring operated trapping pin of the clamp is pressed in with a thumb. When the pressure is loosened the trapping pin assembly will automatically lock to the chain. Hoisting can then take place.

After hoisting the Sheet Pile Clamp is loosened by pushing in the trapping pin and the clamp is removed from the chain.

When not in use the piling operator with advantage can have the clamp in his pocket.

Sheet Pile Clamp – Model Range


The Dawson clamps are available in three sizes:

  • Chain type 8 mm with safe working load (SWL) 2 tonnes.
  • Chain type 10 mm with safe working load 3,2 tonnes.
  • Chain type 16 mm with safe working load 8 tonnes

The type with safety latch has a “-2” in is part number.


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