Dawson 100 Tonnes Hydraulic Remote Release Shackle

Heavy Lifting of Large Tubes

Hydraulically operated Locking Pin enable the operator to operate the Shackle from a safe position.

When used in pairs, tubes weighing up to 200 tons can be lifted.

Weight of Shackle 410Kg

Nor-Trade offers lifting tools for many applications with special focus on safety

Apart from the hydraulic 100 t Remote Release Lifting Shackle we offer several smaller types from 2.5 t to 40 t:

Ground Release Shackles

Steel Handling Shoes

Pipe Lifting Shoe

Chain Clamps

Ratchet Beam Shackles

Ratchet Release Shackles

Lifting Gear-Lifting Shoes-Lifting Shackles

100 tonnes Shackle

Hydraulisk 100 T Løfteklo

Shackle and Hoses in Store Frame

Tunge Løft-Løftegrej entreprenører-100T Løftesjækel-Løftegrej-Løfteudstyr


The pin diameter is 130 mm and retracted and engaged hydraulically with a hand pump on the ground. The system is provided with a spooler so the hose is kept under complete control.

The hose length is 60 m allowing long piles to be positioned.The shackle and spooler are mounted into a frame making loading, unloading and moving around at the job site easy and with just a single crane lift.


  • The main body is tested to 5 times Safe Working Load (SWL).
  • Each shackle is proof tested to 2 times SWL..

2 x 100 tonnes Lifting Shackles

Løftegrej-Nortrade-Heavy Lift Equipment-Tunge løft-Nortrade

100 t Shackle - Main Dimensions


100 t Shackles in pair on Pipe

Heavy Lifting Equipment-nortrade

Pipe During Lift

Tunge løft-Heavy lift equipment-rrtrade-løftesjækel