Nor-Trade offers Lifting Equipment with particular focus on safety

Ratchet Release Shackle

– remotely released security lifting shackle for lifting sheet piles, pipes and steel profiles


Effective and time saving gear for Contractors

The Ratchet Release Shackle reduces the risk by lift, as the ratchet system enables the shackle to be remotely released from the often heavy and unmanageable steel structures

Ratchet Release Shackle

Ratchet release shackle

Model Range from 3.5 tons to 40 tons – for subsea application too

The locking pin of the shackle requires a hole in the item to be lifted

Nor-Trade offers Lifting and Handling Equipment for many purposes and with special emphasis on safety.

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Ratchet Release Shackle


Main Measurements

Løfteklo med skralde
Model no. Description Throat SWL Weight A B C
mm Tonnes kg mm mm mm ø
681 150/3.5T 150 3.5 15 158 30 20
683 150/5T 150 5 15 158 30 24
689 150/7.5T 150 7.5 15 158 30 27
687 150/10T 150 10 15 158 30 35
682 250/3.5 250 3.5 19 258 30 20
684 250/5T 250 5 19 258 30 24
686 250/7.5T 250 7.5 19 258 30 27
688 250/10T 250 10 19 258 30 35
692A 300/7.5T 300 7.5 22 303 32 27
693A 300/10T 300 10 22 303 32 35
6961A/A 250/25T 250 25 48 250 46 60
6962A 250/40T 250 40 67 239 50 60


Ropes of sufficient length must be fixed to the pull rings of the ratchet belt to permit release of the shackle from a remote position.

With the release nut turned to open position and the indicator bar protruding, slide the shackle over the pile.

Align the locking pin over the lifting hole of the pile and while pressing the ratchet pawl down with the thumb of the one hand turn the release nut out of the shackle with the other hand until stop.

The pile may now be lifted.


When the pile is correctly positioned, the shackle is released by pulling the release ropes one way and then the other way five to six times.

The stroke of the pull is limited by the D-shackles in the ends of the toothed belt.

Recommendation: Fix small magnets

It can be a help to fix small magnets to the rope ends and place them on the pile. This will stretch the ropes along the pile and hinder them in flopping around.


Video: Ratchet Release Shackle